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Welcome to Lotus Plastic Surgery !

Plastic surgery is one specialty that, unlike most of the other Medical branches, is not concerned with one organ system. This is one field of Surgery that is not defined by one particular body part.

Plastic Surgery evolved as a specialty around a concept and not around an organ system. The concept is not only about one organ system.


Sushruta, a historical physician of 6th century BC Varanasi.

Plastic Surgery has been in existence since very long time; and we must feel proud that the first Plastic Surgical procedures are attributed to our very own Sushruta who practiced in 6th century BC ! He is considered to be the Father of Plastic Surgery.

Sir Harold Delf Gillies, Father of Plastic Surgery.

With passage of time, the teachings of Great Indian gurus were overlooked; and it took re-invention by Westerns to revive the field. Sir Harold Gillies is credited to be Father of Modern Plastic Surgery. He brought back focus to the needs of injured, mutilated and crippled and helped in getting Plastic Surgery back in focus.


Lotus Plastic Surgery gave me a second chance at life!

I would like to thank Dr. Gurvinder Singh Saini and the staff at Lotus Plastic Surgery Center for the magnificent work they have done on my tummy . Because of them, I feel more confident than I have ever felt before. The treatment and care, which I received during my stay at the hospital, was probably better than many hospitals in UK. I would recommend Lotus Plastic Surgery with all my heart and soul to anybody looking for a cosmetic surgery.
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  • Patient: Peterson , UK .
Beauty With Function
Plastic surgeons are problem solvers; and not just surgeons. And since there is not any one solution that would fit the bill for every problem, the route taken by different Plastic Surgeons for same problem may be different from other.
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Dr. Gurvinder Singh Saini

MBBS, MS, Mch(Plastic Surgery)

National Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. MBBS, MS, Mch(Plastic Surgery)

Dr Gurvinder Singh Saini is an Alumunus of DAV College Chandigarh. He graduated as Gold Medallist from Dr V M Govt Medical College, Solapur and continued his Masters in Gen Surgery from same college.
He pursued his interest in Plastic Surgery at prestigious Grand Medical College, Mumbai.During his tenure of M.Ch. itself, he qualified as Diplomate of National Board in Plastic Surgery. He honed his skills at clinical labs at National University of Singapore and Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore. Read more

Latest Events

Inauguration of Lotus Plastic Surgery Center

Inauguration Of Lotus Plastic Surgery Center

  • Jalandhar City
  • 8th March 2013
  • 11 AM

Lotus Plastic Surgery Center was inaugurated  by Sh. K D Bhandari, Chief Parliament Secretary on 8th March, 2013.

Lotus Plastic Surgery Center offers state of the art facilities with dedicated staff. This is the only Plastic Surgery center in North India, which specialises in Aesthetic Surgery. See more

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